Now, more than ever, outsourcing to an independent spec writer makes sense!

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing your specification writing services:

  • An independent specification writer adds value and expertise to your Contract Documents while allowing you to manage your employee overhead.
  • Improve scheduling flexibility for your in-house personnel and allow your staff to focus on their areas of expertise, maximizing the benefit of your salary expenses.
  • Enhance your company resume with the inclusion of a specialized specification writing firm.
  • Receive the benefit of our extensive and specialized expertise in specification writing while only paying for our services on your specific project.
  • Carefully coordinated and concise Project Manuals communicate your project objectives to the Construction team, helping keep the project on budget and reducing RFI’s.
  • Spectra Consulting has experience producing coordinated, concise Project Manuals for a large variety of project types.
  • An independent spec writer brings an outside perspective to the project team, which assists with identifying potential problems and helps solve ongoing problems.
  • Spectra Consulting’s staff continuously attends educational seminars and conferences to ensure that your specifications include current information.
  • Expansive network of industry contacts to help research information and answer your product questions.